New and changed features

1.0.3 (Released 2022-04-19, SDK v1.0.3.31 and GUI v3.2.7)

  • Updated: Backward compability with Net iD Enterprise.

  • Updated: PIN expire status for update counter missing.

  • Added: Workstation Lock Down for Windows.

  • Added: Mifare initial support.

  • Added: Pre-login enroll/unlock. (Proof of Concept)

  • Added: MSI installation package.

  • Added: Allow/Deny mechanisms.

  • Added: Automatic PIN logout.

  • Added: Taskbar icon depending on token/certificate present.

  • Fixed: Write retired certificate 3-20 for PIV smart cards.

  • Fixed: Unlock in Credential Provider.

  • Fixed: Shell extension encryption.

  • Fixed: Windows Server 2012 R2 support.

  • Fixed: UWP app authentication using Microsoft CredUI dialog.

  • Other changes and fixes, see Detailed release information.