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[SmartCard PrimeMD]


Thales IDPrime MD profile is not 100% reliable. The profile tells the PIN purpose for each PIN, which should be unique, but sometimes they are not. The RequireUniquePinPurpose parameter controls the behavior when the same PIN purpose is used several times.


Because of an earlier error in the Thales IDPrime 4.ODD documentation, the Key ID and Container ID mapping functionality is now updated. This will now cause smart cards issued with earlier versions of Net iD not to work. But cards issued with Thales minidriver will start to work. The UseBadContainerKeyMapping parameter makes it possible to set to use the old or the new mapping behavior. It is also possible to set if a specified card model should use the new or the old behavior by using the ATR.



Use new mapping.


Use old mapping.


The card model ATR.

Example 1. Set mapping behavior for specified card models by using ATR.
[SmartCard PrimeMD]


Because of that the smartcard Thales IDPrime MD 840 (Applet version 4.2.0 or later) cannot write the public key to the card after it is generated, this parameter makes it possible to prevent that the public key is written.

Do not make changes to this parameter, that is, make sure it is inactivated using a colon (:) character. This makes sure that it uses the default value 0.

When the value is set to 0, Net iD Client makes automatical checks if it should write or not write the public key to the card by examining the smart card model. That is, if the smart card is an IDPrime MD 840 applet ver. 4.2.0 or later it will not write the public key. But if the card is of a different model, it will write the public key to the card.



Do not write public key when the card is an IDPrime MD 840 applet ver. 4.2.0 or later.
For other cards Net iD Client will automatically change this value to 1.


Write public key to card.


Example 2. Manage a specific card using ATR

Using the ATR for the IDPrime MD 840 card to specify that it should write the public key to the card.

[SmartCard PrimeMD]